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Priscilla’s Newsletter



ln a recent account review meeting, a couple that have been clients for many years asked the question, "Now that Brent is retired, why should we continue to do business with you?" That's an excellent question. I appreciated their directness and experience has taught me that for every person that asks, there are many others thinking the same thing. My answer - "if you've liked our investment philosophy as well as our service to you, rest assured, that's not going to change."

We've built this practice on the following core principles:

WE PLEDGE TO KNOW YOU AS A PERSON, NOT AS AN ACCOUNT. We spend the time to learn about your goals. Our plans are tailored for each individual family. There is never a sales agenda or a product focus.
INDEPENDENCE. We are an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, held to the highest fiduciary standard. We work strictly for our clients, not an investment firm or bank. All advisors are fully credentialed.
CONSISTENT INVESTMENT PHlLOSOPHY. Our portfolios are based on sound fundamentals of value investing. Years of experience have influenced us to become highly selective about the investment managers we use for client portfolios. And, we invest your money the same way we invest our own.
WE MAKE IT EASY. The investment business has never been user-friendly. We pledge to provide you clear communication and to make sense of the complex details of investing. We can counsel with you regarding any of the ways money touches your life.
WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE AN OFFICE DOG. No explanation is required. Whatever dog happens to be on duty, having one makes our office a better place.

As Brent and I reached a "certain age", we were faced with making a decision. We didn't think it wise to sell or close the practice, so we decided to recruit younger advisors and spend time mentoring them in our way of approaching client relationships and investments. A couple of years ago, we added Anders Storvik as an advisor and, most recently, Esmond Pabilona has joined us. Both are highly trained, knowledgeable and energetic. More importantly, they are both conscientious and caring individuals. ln time, we believe that you will come to feel as comfortable with them as you have been with us. Meanwhile, I have no plans to retire for several years to come.

Esmond Pabilona - Associate Planner & Reseorch Analyst
Esmond was born in the Philippines and grew up in the Houston area. He graduated from the University ofTexas at San Antonio with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Economics. Esmond has been in the Financial Services industry since 2014 and assists with investment management and financial planning.

A few things will change, and we would like to tell you what to expect:

A NEW OFFICE. The growth of our staff has us needing more room and, because we are land-locked in our current location, a new office is in order. Nothing is definitive yet, but it is our goal to make the location as central as possible. We will have updates for you as soon as available.
NEW TECHNOLOGY. We are converting to new software that will be up and running in the new year. lt will streamline our operations and provide you with clearer reporting online and in our annual meetings. We will also be introducing an app for your mobile device.

As always, we are grateful for your trust. lf there is anything you feel we can do better, we would value your feedback. We look forward to continuing to serve you.


— Priscilla "Cilla" McKinley